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Wireless SlimLine Access Point

$245.00 Standard Installation*

Wireless CPQ-19 Access Point

$295.00 Upgrade Installation**

Wireless CPQ 900Mhz Access Point $395.00**

Monthly Access


Standard Installation Charge

$79.99 *

Hourly Labor Rate


Upgraded Email Accounts (25Mb)

$2.50 Monthly

Returned Check Charge $25.00
Late Payment Fee $15.00

Prices Subject to change without notice

AND Wireless is recommending all installations be protected by a Un-interruptible power supply, This can be purchased at a local best buy or other electronics store, or AND Wireless can provide it when we perform the installation. If a UPS is not used AND Wireless will NOT be held accountable for power surge damage to equipment.

*Standard Installation includes mounting Radio (i.e. Slim Line Access Point), installing up to 50 feet of outdoor Cat 5 cable and up to 50 feet of ground wire, connected to one computer inside the installation location. Additional Equipment and labor charges will apply for any installation over 100 feet. Additional charges will also apply for any in-wall wiring and where a switch/router is used to connect more than one computer.

** Upgrade Installation includes standard installation with the Radio being upgraded to a CPQ-19 Access Point for stronger signal strength in areas that need a slight boost.

AND Wireless can also provide equipment to expand your network and connect more than one computer to your high speed connection.

In areas where 2.4Ghz equipment will not work, AND Wireless offers 900Mhz equipment, it is more expensive, however, it will penetrate foilage and other obstructions that 2.4Ghz can not. We have had great success with these Radios.